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Almost alone


Stay tuned

Gallopin' guitar

Chet Atkins picks on the Beatles (LP)

Relaxin' with Chet Atkins

Chrismas with Chet Atkins


Picks on hymns

Me and Chet (LP)

Me and Jerry (LP)

The Essential   Chet Atkins 

Tenessee guitar man

Ch.Atkins-The collection

the Guitar Genius

Soloflights (LP)

Chet Atins picks at the best (LP)

Country Kicks

Chester and Lester

Neck and Neck

Country Gems

Working out with Chet Atkins (LP)

Chet Atkins with the Boston Pops orchestra (LP)

Standard Brands

Chester and Lester

Picking and country

And then came Chet Atkins

Me and my guitar (LP)

Sneakin' around

Chet Floyd Boots

Tenessee Guitar Man

Chet Atkins and friends (LP)

On the road live (LP)

Country Gems

Street dreams

My Favorite Guitars

Gallopin' Guitar

the Atkins Merle Traveling show

 Legendary performer 

Super Hits


My favourite guitars

Nashville Gold

Chet Atkins teensville

Compil' RCA

Chet Atkins

Compil' RCA

Compil' RCA

Inducted to the Hall of Fame

Ch.Atkins & D.Stone

The day pickin' took over the world

Compil' RCA

Chet Atkins picks the hits

Compil' RCA

Me and my guitar/Nashville Quartet

Guitar Country

Ch.Atkins in Hollywood

Chet Atkins Greatest Hits

Chet Atkins Greatest Hits (dos)

Me and Jerry

Me and Chet

Guitar Lengend

Chet Atkins picks on the Hits


The most popular guitar

Chester and Lester

Guitar monsters

It's a guitar world

My favourite guitar